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Webmasters face new site optimization challenges

Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Service | May 11, 2011
From the Web's early days, companies have struggled to make their sites faster, but the problem remains a thorny one, with new challenges emerging regularly as technology advances.

"Make sure your Web pages are accessible to all your current and potential users, not just to people with very fast connections," he added.

Another issue complicating matters is the skyrocketing usage of mobile browsers in smartphones and tablet devices, which is forcing website owners to pay much closer attention that in the past to mobile versions of their sites.

"That has put a lot of pressure on web designers to think about how to build web pages that [mobile users] can access, interact with and get the data and information they're looking for," Rabbat said

In response to this, Google has extended Page Speed's functionality so that it can be used tomonitor website performance in mobile devices as well.

"This front-end bottleneck problem is worse in mobile devices," said Blaze's Weider, whose company has also built mobile capabilities into its cloud-hosted website testing and optimization software.

Of course, part of the responsibility falls on providers of third-party website components and content, and Google has been banging the drum on this issue for several years now, as well as trying to lead by example through optimization of its own site feeds and components, like its ads.

"We're very happy with the progress of the industry overall, which is great because it makes the whole Web faster," Rabbat said.


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