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Virtual Community for Virtualisation Value

F.Y. Teng | July 9, 2012
Distribution Central's Chairman Scott Frew and the objectives of the iVirtualize community.

Scott Frew, Chairman, Distribution Central

Sydney, Australia-based provider of "specialised, technical-service oriented distribution and channel support for contemporary IT products, Distribution Central, in partnership with CloudFX, Commvault and NetApp built not too long ago a resource on the Web meant to help heads of information services assess the readiness of their respective enterprises for cloud and virtualisation deployment called iVirtualize.

Distribution Central's Chairman Scott Frew talked to recently about the objectives of and what his company is planning to do to help the region's organisations, big and small, make the most of the technology options available to them today and in the years ahead.

Talk about the community you have on and moving onto
Scott Frew:
The iVirtualize community comprises any large enterprise in Asia, but especially those that have already begun experimenting with and deploying server virtualization in the last 12-24 months. We expect this community to grow over the next year as we launch and take the iVirtualize tool to market.

How much of that community is in Asia?
iVirtualize is currently focused on the ASEAN region and it has been developed for the ASEAN market.

Share with us instances where has helped specific cases of enterprises in Asia.
We are developing two case studies now and will be able to share this information with you once it is ready.

What are the primary inhibitors and drivers of adoption of virtualization and cloud in Asia?
There is certainly some confusion around cloud and virtualization as an integrated technology solution, which is impacting the adoption of virtualization and cloud in Asia. Some companies have tried or started deploying server virtualization but they are not progressing to the next stage. Having said this, the drivers of adoption-lower costs and business efficiencies-are still strong and this is where the reseller comes in as a trusted advisor. They must consider the entire efficiency mix when looking for productivity improvements and this is where iVirtualize can help by considering all aspects of the business.

Do they differ by country in Asia?
Irrespective of the size or type, every business is looking to reduce costs and improve its productivity and we see no difference in the Asian markets vs the West; just differences in market size and complexity. What limits adoption of advanced and emerging technologies are skill shortages in these areas and we are all witnessing a skills shortage in these technologies throughout the world.

What is Distribution Central doing in the next 12-16 months? is the first step in addressing a skills shortage and lack of understanding in virtualization and cloud solutions. It's an educational and enablement tool, but we need to continue the enablement process with further training and support for our reseller partners.


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