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Solidifying Microsoft Azure Security for SharePoint and SQL in the Cloud

Rand Morimoto | July 23, 2014
More and more organizations are moving SharePoint and SQL workloads into Microsoft Azure in the cloud because of the simplicity of spinning up servers in the cloud, adding more capacity, decreasing capacity without having to BUY servers on-premise. What used to cost organizations $20,000, $50,000, or more in purchasing servers, storage, network bandwidth, replica disaster recovery sites, etc and delay SharePoint and SQL rollouts by weeks or month is now completely managed by spinning up virtual machines up in Azure and customizing and configuring systems in the Cloud.

So now you are taking something like a Word doc, it's encrypted automatically with Microsoft RMS (which the keys remain in Active Directory, so YOU own and keep the keys), transported over an encrypted and protected tunnel, saved in an encrypted SQL database (which you own and keep the keys for the database as well), in a Microsoft datacenter that has 7-layers of security and a pile of security audits and certifications noting the protection in place.

With ALL this in place, I have YET to have a compliance officer or a security officer tell me that they are doing a better job at securing content on their own and can poke holes in this process.  It is most certainly MORE security than pretty much every organization that I've seen has put in place TODAY for their servers, databases, SharePoint content, etc in terms of layers of security, multiple levels of encryption, and even down to the file level of content stored in SharePoint that prevents data leakage outside of the environment.



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