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SingTel forum: Living in a volatile world

Ross Milburn | June 11, 2013
Exploiting information intelligence to achieve business productivity and agility was on the agenda at the i.luminate 2013, one of Hong Kong's largest ICT shows.

Deutsche Telekom provides Integrated Mobile Management Services, which detects new devices and configures them according to the enterprise access and security policies. "The network may detect when the device is moved abroad and compare expense levels and if necessary, prompt the user to turn roaming off and seek wi-fi," said Drakopoulos. "To avoid the problem of hacking, a security container should isolate enterprise data from personal data, so it can be encrypted or wiped as necessary without affecting the rest of the device. Network intrusion prevention is also necessary."

Despite the uncertainty and disruptive technology of mobility and cloud, a panel discussion on 'Innovating for the Future' showed leading CIOs and vendors are bullish about technology. The moderator was Geoff McClelland, Program Director, CIO Connect, an organisation set up in 1996 by a group of CIOs to tap the value of social networking. "I am in a team of 40 people with a global focus on ways to disrupt ourselves before we are disrupted," said McClelland. "Our clients are senior IT leadership in Europe and APAC.

Great applications are still created in-house. "A couple of years ago, we created an application to help prepare our financial advisors for client meetings," said Minerva Tantoco, CTO, CFT APAC, UBS, a financial services company. "We asked them to tell us the most important information they needed before seeing clients, then we leveraged our application portfolio and presented it on mobiles as a seamless package, with security. We also created virtualised machines with locked-down security and successfully rolled them out to 4,000 users. We got a Hong Kong Innovation Award for 2012."

HP partnered SingTel on the Singapore government's G-Cloud project and described some ways to ensure success. We do technology consulting and systems integration with SingTel on the G-Cloud, which provides high security for hundreds of government agency users," said Mohan Krishnan, VP & GM, Technology Consulting Enterprise Group, APAC & Japan, HP. "A big project is like changing the engines while the plane is flying. Strategic alliances and partnerships are essential for innovation to work. You need a clear vision of the future, and you must carry people with you and celebrate successes on the way."

Innovation and collaboration are increasingly the keys. "IT can reduce costs, but that's not its primary function. Innovation is habit-breaking," said Jayshree Ullal, President & CEO, Arista Networks. "We encourage software developers to think outside the box. Young people are useful because they don't have prehistoric ideas. Radical developments should be customer-driven. When partners work together, 1-plus-1 is more than 2."

Big data is manifestly beyond human comprehension. "The world's big data may now total a thousand exabytes, or 1021 bytes," said Vincent Kwok, Director, Global Services, EMC. "In business, only five percent of big data is analysed to contribute to the revenue stream."


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