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Researchers predict advent of 'resource-as-a-service' clouds

Chris Kanaracus | June 6, 2012
Today's IaaS (infrastructure as a service) cloud platforms allow customers to rent virtualized servers and storage on demand.

Pricing for various resource types would be market-driven according to supply and demand. This notion could also be applied to SLAs (service level agreements), the researchers state: "When supply is insufficient for serving all clients, the provider can starve clients with lower-priority SLAs (e.g., only 90% availability) by raising the price of resources."

Making the RaaS cloud concept a reality will require new types of applications and system software, the researchers state. "In the RaaS cloud, virtual machines never know the precise amount of resources that will be available to them at any given second," they said. "That requires software running in those virtual machines to adapt to changing resource availability and exploit whatever resources the software has, when it has them."


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