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Q&A with Stevan Hoyle of Vodafone: It is an exciting time for the industry

Zafar Anjum | Nov. 13, 2013
Stevan Hoyle, President of Asia and Africa, Vodafone Global Enterprise, shares with Zafar Anjum his company's plans for the APAC region.

Stevan Hoyle

Stevan Hoyle, President of Asia and Africa, Vodafone Global Enterprise, shares with Zafar Anjum his company's plans for the APAC region.

 Mobility in general has been a great challenge for enterprises here. What role has Vodafone played in this transition in the region? 

Across the region, especially in emerging markets, despite the increase in the adoption of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, and the surge in the development of mobile apps, mobile security solutions and mobile-centric applications and interfaces, the adoption of mobile by enterprises has been slow, which was due to several reasons:

─         Lack of investment and support from business decision makers

─         Lack of relevant in-house IT expertise

─         Lack of mobile network infrastructure

─         Challenges in engaging with multiple providers for PBX, mobile, fixed line, broadband and voice services, not to mention collaboration tools such as video conferencing and IM. A Circle Research study conducted for Vodafone found that 67 percent of multinationals claim that multiple platforms, networks and suppliers are making it hard for them to provide effective communications[1].

As more companies in Asia expand globally and explore ways to improve enterprise mobility, Vodafone has helped companies to transition to mobility by providing a comprehensive range of enterprise-ready services such as cloud, hosting and machine-to-machine innovation. The acquisition of Cable&Wireless Worldwide in 2012 has enabled us to establish the world's only fully-integrated, next-generation fixed and mobile network.

We operate the world's largest international network across more than 80 countries and the combination of our fully-owned network and strong partner alliances provides companies in Asia with the consistency, reliability and service quality that enterprises require to run their global operations.

Over 1,700 multinational customers currently rely on Vodafone's global network. We are committed to provide customers the converged communications expertise and support their business needs to perform in today's connected world by achieving better operational agility, better employee connection and better customer engagement.

How important is the APAC region for Vodafone in terms of business?

APAC is an important market for Vodafone and brings with numerous opportunities. Few regions can match APAC in terms of its rapid expansion and sheer commercial diversity with China, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan and Korea. APAC offers attractive long-term development opportunities driven by its sustained GDP growth, the widespread mobile devices and data adoption, and the impact new innovations can have in emerging markets.

The enterprise business makes up 27% of Vodafone Group services revenue and the Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific region part of this grew 4.9% in FY 12/13.

We have been actively growing the scale, scope and reach of services that we can offer to customers in this region. By partnering with the Conexus Mobile Alliance, Asia's largest mobile alliance, we have expanded our footprint throughout Asia.  The Conexus Alliance includes many of the region's top mobile operators, including Singapore's very own StarHub.


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