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Q&A: View on 2014 from Fujitsu Singapore

T.C. Seow | Jan. 17, 2014
What key areas should enterprises in Singapore and the region focus on this year? We speak to Fujitsu Singapore to find out more.

What key areas should enterprises in Singapore and the region focus on this year? We speak to Wong Heng Chew, president of Fujitsu Singapore to find out more.

Wong Heng Chew
Photo: Wong Heng Chew

Q: If there is one area that will stand out for enterprises to address, what will that be?

Wong: We foresee increasing focus in corporate sustainability while enterprises continue to look to improve their agility in today's fast-paced world. Enterprises will also be looking to equip themselves with the capability to manage the unexpected.

Across industries, enterprises are looking to optimise their infrastructures in order to meet their respective sustainability goals while confronting real business issues such as cost, efficiency and the environment. With solutions such as virtualisation and the cloud, enterprises can already seamlessly integrate their systems and perform integrated operation and maintenance, thereby achieving cost-savings.

Moving forward, we expect renewed effort in incorporating green IT for upcoming IT deployments so as to ensure energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, especially in the area of data centres due to their heavy use of energy. Enterprises will look for ways to refine their data centre design in the area of power consumption and data centre cooling to reduce their operating costs and enhance their competitiveness.

Q: What about in the area of cloud computing and cloud services? This has been emphasised quite a lot in the past year for organisations to leverage cost while enjoying scale.

Wong: In the year ahead, IDC is predicting that cloud spending will surge by 25 percent, reaching over US$100 billion. Similarly, Fujitsu expects a huge increase in the adoption of cloud services from 2014 to 2017. The growth in the variety of solutions catered for specific workload and business departments will demand that cloud offers the same amount of flexibility so enterprises can stay at the forefront in its ICT deployment and management.

2014 will see the emergence of Build Your Own Cloud where enterprises will be able to build their own cloud according to their needs. CIOs will have the option of having Cloud on- or off-premise, self-managed or as a managed service. To efficiently respond to the requirements from various departments, the IT department will also need to be able to deploy resources on-demand.

Demands for a single platform with the functions of cloud brokering, integration and aggregation will increase as it enables the IT department to deliver a highly responsive service with consistent operations and management while reducing the management burden and risks.

Q: Let's talk about enterprise security. This always seems to be an area that enterprises tend to overlook. What can they do in the event that their system gets compromised?


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