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Q&A: Microsoft hybrid-cloud push promises benefits for IT, end users, pocketbook

Tim Greene | June 6, 2013
Microsoft's chief hybrid-cloud exec opens up about what it can mean for businesses.

They can take advantage of Azure to do load testing. Before I talked about the need to make sure from our cloud-first principals that we can scale the largest number of users possible, well now with what we've built into Visual Studio you can actually take advantage of Azure capabilities to put a significant load on the application that you're developing independent of if that application is going to run in Azure or your data centers, you can use Azure to load test and make sure it scales to what the need is. It's a feature of Visual Studio that ties into Azure. So think about that as an attached service to Visual Studio.

Let's talk a little bit about what we've done in terms of being able to help development interact better with IT and operations and again this is all within the context of that application life-cycle management. Probably the best way to describe this is to describe it in terms of scenarios.

Now what can happen is let's say a server gets an exception or has some kind of a problem, instead of IT calling the developer and saying hey I've got an application that is slow or has got a fault, they can actually with a couple of clicks of a mouse now a VHD of that particular running server have that automatically routed to the developer in Visual Studio they would see the incident come in, they would be able to hydrate that VM because Visual Studio actually ships with Virtual Machine Manager and from System Center, debug that test that, make whatever fixes need to be done and that could actually be redeployed back out to IT and IT could get it deployed. That really is all about decreasing the amount of time it takes to resolve an issue and improving the collaboration and that life-cycle management across development and operations.


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