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Q&A: Microsoft hybrid-cloud push promises benefits for IT, end users, pocketbook

Tim Greene | June 6, 2013
Microsoft's chief hybrid-cloud exec opens up about what it can mean for businesses.

Can you pick out two or three specifics that illustrate your point?

Let's talk about Recovery Manager. This is literally the ability to go up and say I'm going to use the Hyper-V replica capabilities to replicate all my virtual machines from my data center let's use Azure into the Azure data centers. So now I have a full replica, full fault tolerance, and I can either do an unplanned or a planned recovery, which gives me that confidence, gives me that net below me that my services that I'm offering to the corporation or to my customers is always going to be available. Again that is just literally a handful of clicks of the mouse and it's very, very easy to do. I think that's a big value that shows off those capabilities.

Let's talk for a minute about the consumerization of IT. Every single organization I meet with wants to understand what we can do to help them raise these consumerization and bring-your-own trends. Most of them are using System Center Configuration Manager to do their PC management, and what we talk about is cloud-optimizing System Center Configuration Manager with Windows InTune that now delivers a cloud-based mobile-device-management solution that integrates with your Configuration Manager console. So in terms of simplicity, ease of use to get significant value. You could just use the tools that you're using right now and enable your users across their PCs, their Windows devices, their Apple devices and their Android devices.

The third one I would focus on is the innovations that we've done in storage and that through the software in Windows Server and in System Center we are delivering that highly available scale-out storage all on industry-standard cost effective hardware. We demonstrated tiered storage and of deduplication capabilities that in the past you really had to purchase expensive hardware that required lots of setup, lots of configuration to do. I think we set those up today with maybe 10 or 12 clicks of the mouse, but delivers all of that value at a cost and economical equation that's unheard of because it's all just based on cost-effective hardware.

Let's look at this from another perspective. What will be better for end users if their employers buy into these new broad capabilities?
Love it. First of all let's talk about enabling users to use their device of choice and work from anywhere in the world. With the combination we've done of Systems Center and Window InTune, I as a user now, I can work on a PC, I can work on a Surface or Windows tablet, I can work on an Apple tablet, an Android tablet and I will have a consistent experience across all of those.


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