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Public cloud storage can be efficient, but the potential is still limited

Jon Gold | Dec. 2, 2014
Public cloud storage can be a cost efficient alternative to rolling your own, but observers warn that it isn't a cure all.

Moreover, concerns about the ability to keep data secured, and secured well enough to comply with government regulations, continue to dampen user interest in cloud storage. "The biggest concern today with cloud is usually compliance and security," Baltazar says. So you have to start with a threat assessment and a workload assessment.

Very detailed planning is critical for all companies weighing new or expanded cloud adoption, the experts agreed. And if you do make the plunge, then it is important to frequently reassess the situation. "Business who use the cloud smartly' for public storage are the ones that do frequent audits' of their usage to make sure that what they are buying best meets their needs," says IDC's Hughes.


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