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Peer pressure! Business pushing the cloud on enterprise IT

Sharon Gaudin | Aug. 11, 2014
How to react when business execs want to jump on this tech trend -- and IT isn't ready.

Aside from taking it slow, Moorhead recommends that IT administrators not meet the peer pressure with frustration.

"I recommend first that IT not get defensive, as there are some enormous benefits to the cloud," he said. "Take the time to do a side-by-side analysis of what it would take to move certain applications to the cloud versus keeping it in-house. Explain that it requires a thorough analysis, because there's business risk in making a bad decision. They can then explain the risks and costs of downtime to revenues, cost, security, and compliance."

Shimmin added that IT executives must demand due diligence in evaluating cloud services, along with associated platform technologies, data center resources, partner ecosystems and development capabilities.

"They should ask for a long-term study of those solutions to better understand the true cost of cloud services over time," he said. "And most important, they should match that study against rival solutions to better understand where there are gaps in terms of functionality, interoperability, data ownership and platform openness."

Allan Krans, an analyst at Technology Business Research, noted that IT execs also can use that business pressure to their advantage.

"If they are on the fence for whether a cloud deployed service is right for their organization, the number of similar organizations that have used cloud has never been larger," he said. "Customers that have migrated to the cloud can be a peer pressure type relationship, but can also be a greater testing ground for understanding how and why they made that decision and mitigated the risk associated with it."


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