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Oracle CEO Mark Hurd: We have the whole cloud stack

John Gallant,Eric Knorr | Sept. 20, 2016
In an exclusive interview, CEO Mark Hurd offers the lowdown on Oracle's cloud strategy -- and the gamut of technologies it can bring to delivering cloud solutions

By the way, you could make an argument, John, to your first question. Why would we ever do PaaS when you’ve just done SaaS? Win the apps and you get everything that goes underneath the app. Well, our view was that our customers are going to want to extend the apps. Not customize them but extend them, and they needed to have those in the same platform. They then were going to want to run that platform on the same infrastructure, and they want that integrated into the platform. They want the platform integrated into the applications.

Over the last decade, that’s how we’ve evolved into this strategy and the reason it’s so robust is because that’s what the customer wants. The customer wants one-stop shopping as much as they can. I don’t think customers are going to have one cloud, but I don’t think most big customers are going to have 10. I don’t think they’ll have five. I think they’re going to look for a couple, three clouds and get as much out of those couple, three clouds as you can.

EK: Mark, you want to be the primary cloud for these customers is one way of looking at it.

MH: We want to be a primary cloud. If I was divining an IT environment and I was a customer, I’d be saying to the CIO: Let’s get as few of these guys in here as possible. I don’t want a lot of complexity. I want big guys that can plow a lot of R&D into things to give me a lot of extension of my capabilities. I want to be secure. I want to be simple. Get me a damn good price. Get me a little bit of leverage, so I have a little bit of choice here and there.

What’s happened for years, I think, is that CIOs started to chase nickels and dimes, and the nickels and dimes cost them hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Next thing you know you have a Dell server, an HP server, an IBM server, an Oracle server, whatever. Then I chase Red Hat operating systems, AIX, HP. I’ve chased all these different data and what I have now is this kludgy environment.

I tell our customers when they say to me: Can you assure me that your security is the same as ours on-premise? And I would say I could never make it that bad. I could never do it. We have one configuration, one; one piece of hardware, same OS, same database. You have infinite combinations of technologies, and the ability to secure that is really hard. Who’s doing it? You’re doing it on your nickel. It’s a very expensive, complex strategy.


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