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NTT Com launches cloud networking services with instant self-service activation and pay-per-use model

Zafirah Salim | May 30, 2014
These services eliminate industry limitations of long service delivery and long-term contracts by leveraging SDN and NFV platform on a global scale.

Telecommunications company, NTT Communications Corporation, has launched a suite of cloud-based network services that can be instantly activated online, accelerating service delivery and reducing enterprise networking costs.

The new services are powered by cloud-based networking provider, Virtela Technology Services Incorporated, which was acquired by NTT Com in January this year. According to its media statement, Virtela enables enterprise transition to asset-light branch office networking via network functions virtualisation (NFV)-enabled services delivered from Virtela’s global software-defined networking (SDN) platform.

Offered via a pay-per-use model, the services eliminate traditional long-term contract commitments. It frees the enterprise from investing in and managing a multitude of dedicated network appliances for globally distributed offices; and they can also open up new offices or support short term projects with minimal upfront investments. 

Transition to asset-light networking

“While many industry experts and service providers have long been speaking about the potential of NFV, we are excited to become the first service providers to commercialise NFV-enabled services on a global scale,” said Takashi Ooi, NTT Com’s Vice President of Enterprise Network Service.

“NFV is a technology to virtualise network functions that traditionally run on physical appliances. Leveraging NFV technology in our Local Cloud Networking Centers worldwide, we can now deliver varieties of network functions – such as firewall and application acceleration for branch offices – from our network cloud. This eliminates the ‘one device, per service, per location’ model, resulting in significant cost savings for our customers.”

Real-time provisioning via self-service portal

These cloud-based network services can be deployed and managed via an SDN-enabled customer portal, which gives users the flexibility to instantly activate services when and where needed.

“And it is not only about saving capital and operational costs,” added Ooi. “NTT Com’s services transform enterprise wide area network (WAN) to enable customers to stay agile and responsive to the ever-changing business environment.”

How it benefits enterprises and MNCs

1)    Business agility
•    Lead time for service delivery of cloud services – takes minutes instead of months
•    Lead time for changing configuration – it can now be done in real-time

2)    Scalability
•    Easy to scale up or down, depending on each site’s needs – customers do not need to take the risk of upgrading or purchasing appliances
•    In the event the service is no longer needed, customer can simply deactivate it
•    Efficient for short-term projects, DR or when opening new sites where requirements may change in the future

3)    Cost optimisation
•    Reduce installation cost as there is no need to purchase an appliance and install on-premises
•    There is no need for enterprises to hire local IT personnel or vendor to manage physical appliances


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