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New HPE has perfect synergy for Digital India

Yogesh Gupta | June 6, 2017
Our focus on hybrid IT and intelligent edge is benefitting Indian CIOs' IT infra, says HPE India MD Som Satsangi.


Public cloud often includes hidden costs in the end. Does Synergy deliver clear benefits as promised to customers? 
There are no gaps. There are special features of Synergy which CIOs have liked including HPE OneView. We have spent a lot of time and money on software defined infra. Synergy's composer helps IT leaders to configure resources and they can compose and recompose applications and workloads. For instance, the company can run one app in the morning and the same configuration for another one in the evening. It is just like a public cloud environment on the fly and it's a scalable model

The challenge with CIOs using public cloud was that beyond a point, the growth, SLA, economies of scale do not work, and hence, they prefer the on prem synergy cloud. HPE is the only company with an innovative product in the market which is helping CIOs move to SDx infra. 


How has the CIO community changed over the years and what do they expect from technology providers like HPE? 
Things have moved much beyond RoI. The manufacturing industry might be more keen for RoI vis a vis a telco customer that wants us to help them expand their customer base. Be it a traditional or a contemporary enterprise, everybody is looking at overall RoI and business outcome than just the IT outcome.  Technology solutions delivering customer delight in real time is a recurring discussion among the CIO community.

Almost all large customers have started to ensure that customer acquisition, customer satisfaction and customer delight should be the focal point of infra deployment. Recently, we did a project for a large telco where they started tracking customer behavior in terms of response time by implementing our storage technology. We implemented the industry vertical motion in November 2015, as CIOs wanted solutions that added more value to a specific vertical. We went from regional to vertical motion.

 We also created awareness among team members on the vertical-focus approach. Globally, they started this vertical -focus a year back, but HPE India had it much earlier. We are not restricting this to only the CIO teams as the HPE team and partners often deal with the CMO, CFO, LOB and business stakeholders


 HPE has a strong presence in storage and server solutions but do you have the arsenal to compete with biggies like Cisco and Juniper in the networking domain?
 After the acquisition of Aruba, we have done fabulously well in the networking domain. We pitched the wireless power of Aruba to customers and we have started displacing Cisco in some deals. We have won some of largest city wireless projects and Wi-Fi offload projects. 


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