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Mobility and Cloud Services will drive Web Security Market : David Wigley

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
We are web security experts stopping malware rampage through a multi layered defense system across large multi gigabit environments, says David Wigley, CEO, ContentKeeper.

ContentKeeper Technologies is witnessing a great demand for its web security and malware defense solutions. The eighteen year old internet security company headquartered at Australia witnessed a 187% growth over last year with huge demand from north American markets, said David WigleyCEO, ContentKeeper Technologies.

In an exclusive interview on his recent India visit; Wigley spoke about how ContentKeeper secured large and complex networks across the globe. We present you the excerpts.

How does ContentKeeper as a Web filtering and malware defense vendor justify the end point and network security demands of its customers?

ContentKeeper solutions fit into any large enterprise or telco environment. There are a number of catalysts to our business, but the original and primary driver often forgotten these days is around productivity. Companies allowing employees access to the internet want to make sure they are working and not playing - that is basically Web filtering. We help them enforce a work ethic and gain more productivity out of the environment.

Our solutions also stop rampage by malware through a multi layered malware defense system as none of the different technologies in the market ensures cent per cent security. We have layers of engine-on-engine to detect malware more accurately. Companies should put a malware defense system to build more security, save operational expenses, and gain faster return on capital amongst other benefits.

Why should organizations rely on ContentKeeper when there are other established players like Websense and Blue Coat?

The market's driving factors today revolve around controlling applications, BYOD and mobile filtering. We have an excellent 'tamper proof' solution for iOS devices. Handing over a mobile device to a staff member with turned-on filter is a completely pointless exercise. We are one of the planet's two vendors offering this tamper -proof solution which makes our technology a great option for mobility security across organizations.

The mentioned companies Websense, Blue Coat and even Cisco etcetera offer proxy based devices that fail to deliver good throughput at high speed. That's why ContentKeeper dominates at the top end of the town across large multi gigabit environments. We often do not encounter Websense, Blue Coat in such projects.

A customer site was filtering 4 gigabit per seconds (Gbps) traffic. A leading security vendor offered 8 racks full of equipment while we walked in with a one 1U rack mounted server on a piece of hardware. Instead of spending a couple of millions on hardware, the companies can save the money with our device with the same filtering at the same speed.

But proxy based devices do sell in the market. Is this mostly due to some aggressive push by vendors or is it because the CISOs are unaware of the limitations of proxies? 


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