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Microsoft's future under Nadella less about Windows, more about mobile and cloud

Joab Jackson | July 17, 2014
The company is moving away from its past devotion to its OS.

Nadella also demonstrated a few Microsoft technologies now being developed, including a new service for Office 365 called Delve. It collects any information that a user may find valuable and summarizes that material on a Facebook-like dashboard. Using machine learning, it can scour the Web for news items as well as investigate local networks for internal information of interest to the user. It keeps track of what meetings a user has attended and the person's most frequent contacts, folding this information into the selection process it runs to find more data of potential interest.

Like Facebook, Delve will be able to work on mobile devices and desktop computers.

He also demonstrated a translation service for Skype combining voice recognition, language translation and speech synthesis. In a call between two people who speak different languages, Skype will be able to translate the language of one speaker to the language of another as they are talking.

This service will allow people "to speak in two different languages, without any friction," Nadella said. Nadella offered a live demonstration with two people talking in an on-stage video conference. One spoke in English and the other in German as Skype translated the conversation for both.


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