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Microsoft Excel is our biggest competitor: Concur Technologies

Radhika Nallayam | May 23, 2013
Concur Technologies' director for marketing, APAC, Christopher Juneau speaks about how a cloud-based model helped the company succeed in the market, and how they plan to leverage its potential in India.

Concur Technologies' director for marketingAPAC, Christopher Juneau speaks about how a cloud-based model helped the company succeed in the market, and how they plan to leverage its potential in India.

CW: Why does Concur choose to be a 100 percent cloud company in the travel and expense management (T&E) space?

We are a company that is into automating travel booking and expense management. We provide a single platform to take care of end-to-end travel requirementsstarting from raising a travel request, approvals, and bookings to expense claims and reimbursement. We also give customers the freedom to choose specific components in the platform, based on their requirements. By 2003, 50 percent of the Fortune 10 companies in the U.S. became our customers.

We were primarily competing with Oracle and SAP. We realized we had to remove the barriers to adoption in order to grow. And the answer lied in cloud technology. So, starting from 2003, our entire model became cloud-based. Let us take ERP for example. The biggest barrier for adoption has been the fact that it's expensive to implement and upgrade. So, we realized we had to remove those barriers when it comes to travel and expense management. For some of our services, no implementation is required at all. We want our services to be fast to implement, seamless, and quick to integrate with other back-end systems.

CW: If that's the idea behind adopting a cloud model, why did Concur acquire its long-time rival Gelco, which followed a completely different and conventional philosophy in T&E management?

We have acquired multiple companies. In 2002 for instance, we acquired Captura, a local competitor. In 2006, we bought Outtask Inc., and incorporated travel booking technology into our portfolio. One of the reasons for buying Gelco is that they were a really fierce competitor to us and were selling audit services.

Yes, they indeed had very paper-intensive processes. But they had a great workforce with in-depth knowledge of expense reporting. So, we recognized an opportunity to offer manpower services to our existing customers. It also helped us add scale. Gelco's approach to T&E was more back-office-focused, while we were more front-end-focused. The acquisition helped us cross-sell many services to our customers.

CW: Fair enough. You're very often put side by side with players like SAP as well as American Express. With whom do you see more proximity?

We are ultimately a technology company, and that's the reason we are compared with companies like SAP. But at the same time, we are also a services company. So, people view us like an American Express. We are also a cloud company, so we are like as well. But I'd say we are a combination of all of the above. We have partnership with American Express, and we are sort of a coopetitor for companies like SAP and Oracle.


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