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Meg Whitman tells IT leaders everything they need to know about HP Enterprise

John Gallant | April 7, 2016
In this installment of the IDG CEO Interview Series, we asked Whitman to talk directly to IT leaders about what the company split means for them as customers, and how HP Enterprise's new innovation agenda will help them transition to private and hybrid cloud.

And then for direct customers, we really talk to them a lot about what our capabilities are from a service perspective, from a software perspective and from an infrastructure perspective. One of the interesting things about the Aruba acquisition was we are now introduced to a lot of installed base of other companies, whether it be Cisco or Dell, because Aruba had a very long-term partnership with Dell. When I was at the Aruba Atmosphere Event, which is their big customer event, I probably met with 10 to 15 customers, virtually all of which were Dell shops, because they had a long-term partnership with Dell. In a funny kind of way, we have a lovely introduction to the installed base of some of our competitors, and we have to earn our way in.

I always say: "Let's do one or two things really well for you. You'll get to know Hewlett Packard Enterprise, you'll get to know our capabilities. And you can decide what you'd like to do with us next."

If I'm a smart Dell/EMC customer, what should I be pressing HP Enterprise for now? What can I get out of you?

First of all, from a storage perspective, our all-flash portfolio represents an incredible growth engine for us and real differentiated functionality for our customers. We're the fastest growing vendor in the all-flash array [market]. We're growing three times the market rate. Our vision is to accelerate the journey to the all-flash data center and enable a single, unified data fabric that links servers, storage systems and integrated appliances. That's the real point of difference and people are pretty excited about it, and the numbers bear it out. No one grows three times the market if they don't have a differentiated offering.

The other thing that they should talk to us about is Composable Infrastructure, and this is what we call Synergy, and it really brings together compute, storage, networking fabric through a single interface that's powered [by] HP OneView. It composes physical and virtual resources into a configuration that is unique to an application.

So it's a great developer tool. You can compose your infrastructure, get it running in production, and then it automatically releases compute, storage and network capability back into the pool if that application no longer needs it. This is very forward-looking new stuff that results in lower cost and more agility for the developers.

I think our line of servers is the best in the world. You just look at our Gen9 server; we're sharing many more three-year product roadmaps with our customers -- and the server roadmap is second to none. It is remarkable what we are doing there. HP Apollo, our high-performance compute, is remarkable.


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