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Latency is main barrier to hybrid cloud strategy, says Morgan Stanley

Matthew Finnegan | May 31, 2013
American financial services firm has begun journey to hybrid cloud setup.

O'Toole also contends that a concept of business continuity is lacking in cloud services.

"There is an assumption that all of that will happen at the software layer, and for most industries they are not at the stage of evolution in terms of software where they have got all the business continuity built into the software layer."

Another challenge faced is the ability to benchmark public clouds against private setups, which is currently problematic, he explained.

The introduction of standards is also key, with O'Toole pointing to the developments made with OpenStack in delivering standardisation for hybrid enterprise clouds.

The ablity to benchmark public and private clouds is also currently an issue, he said: "We need public clouds that benchmark well against private offerings, one of the issues we have is that we find it difficult to benchmark internal products versus the cloud. There needs to be a much better way to do that."

By embracing a wider cloud strategy, O'Toole recognises the need for a workforce that is skilled in procuring and implementing cloud services.

"Business processes are replacing technology workflow. New organisations within IT departments need to be a lot more commercial and less focused on the technology side," he said.

"What it means is we need people in IT who really understand about sales, procurement, sourcing and relationship building with external organisations."

He continued: "That requires new skill sets, and there will be people like cloud architects, people who build cloud brokerage services. Really the face of IT departments is going to change a lot when this future actually evolves."


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