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IT is getting cloud storage security all wrong

Andy Patrizio | March 18, 2016
Two recent reports confirm that your greatest security threat is your users, not outside hackers.

Is automation the answer? 

Castiglione advocates automation to reduce human error, and says that there must be specific features and functions. For starters, any automation services or software should insure they have visibility to the file level, not just the folder level, and know who has accessed the files down to the file level. Also, make sure there is access control to insure their provider offers proper access control. 

That said, he says cloud storage providers have lots of room for improvement. "Most of the file share vendors came from a place of offering simple to use consumer collaboration tools, not from a place of protecting the file and access. So it's a totally different mindset," Castiglione says. 

Read your contract carefully. "My advice for anyone is read the terms and conditions. See what will they hold themselves responsible for and what is your responsibility for your data. That tells you what recourses you have," he says. 

"Some cloud storage companies do a good job on educating their clients on what to do and how to do it. Others not so much. You'll see free services with a lot of free storage but you get what you pay for. There may not be a lot of support on the back end," Stiles adds. 

And Bozman says make the time to look over what you have. "Schedule some time to look, or if your people are running full out, hire some additional headcount to help with that kind of thing. If they are all supporting production it's hard to stop and take a look. We run very lean and mean in it today. The ratio of people to devices is very high," she says.


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