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Is the cloud the best solution for every small business?

Ben Dyer | July 10, 2012
Cloud computing is currently one of the most talked about topics for many business, for a large percentage of whom it is the perfect solution.

And there are other reasons why companies should be cautious of cloud-based solutions. When it comes to data security, vendors need to be sure that their customers' data is securely stored to maintain the bond of trust. If a company is relying on a cloud provider, how sure can it be that hackers won't be able to access the data? If you choose to host your own online offering, you'll ultimately be responsible for your own data, and can ensure you have the right solutions -- such as hardware-level protection -- to keep customer data safe from cybercriminals.

While relying on a cloud provider to store data securely for you is one thing, there is also the question of the safety of your data too. Using a cloud provider means that you have no control over how data is backed up, or where the data is stored. Imagine if your entire customer database disappeared overnight -- your business could be ruined. There can also be implications to consider if the data is being hosted overseas, especially for public sector suppliers

Any company that wants to be certain that issues of downtime, data safety and security and legal compliance are all under its own control would be well advised to think about alternatives to cloud providers. Provided they have the resources to manage them effectively, these businesses can be better off taking full control over key components such as hosting, payments, fraud detection and customer feedback and not relying on third-party, cloud-based solutions.

So while the cloud might be a perfect solution for many businesses, it's worth considering whether it is really necessary for your business, when a self-hosted, standalone product could be a better fit.


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