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Is a smart community the answer to sustainability?

Nurdianah Md Nur | Oct. 28, 2013
To address the growing trends and environmental concerns, Toshiba is working with its clients to develop solutions that help create a self-sustainable and smart ecosystem for the future.

 The scale of the projects is very much dependent on the requirements defined by each community. It can range from largescale projects like the ongoing Yokohama city project in Japan that demonstrates a smart community that caters to a 3.7 million population, or something that is in small scale like the upgrade of Singapore's SMRT trains with a 30 percent more energy efficient motor. Generally, there has been a higher willingness by the public sector in adopting green technologies that move towards a smart community than the ones in the private sector.

Tell us more about the solutions that Toshiba is actively developing for greener, more sustainable communities.
The definition of Smart Community is very broad, but for Toshiba, it can be summed up to three major points:

  1. Energy solutions from power generation to efficient distribution and usage;
  2. Data storage solutions that support the big data;
  3. Healthcare solutions that support the growing population.

All three keys are supported by interconnecting devices by ICT for fast, real-time information. Be it at work or at home, we must ensure better energy management and information services are supported in all aspects of society.

What differentiates Toshiba's cloud service and modular data centre from that of its competitors?
The Modular Data Centre (which is installed in Singapore's Nanyang Technological University), not only has flexibility on capacity by its compact structure, but also a flexible air-con system. This enables data centres to be located anywhere, even in tropical climates such as Southeast Asia. Under these conditions, Toshiba's air-conditioning systems reduces approximately 30 percent of energy consumption, compared to other coolers. This will open limitation of data centre location opportunities to other similar tropical climate, too, as it does not restrict it to be situated in locations with a cool temperature or waterfront area.

 What security features are embedded in the Total Storage Innovation?
When talking about Toshiba's storage solution; there are two aspects to consider. 

  • As a component maker and the inventor of NAND flash memory through largest HDD maker, Toshiba can provide data storage solutions for the cloud society. We provide security products such as encryption, but its requirements vary widely from consumer products solutions to enterprise solutions.
  • To support the big data era, Toshiba provides a monitoring base that can detect signs of security incidents. This is in response to an increasing number of end-to-end attacks and an increasingly complex security environment.

Toshiba is planning to enhance its cloud solutions in the Southeast Asian region too, so do please look forward to them.

Toshiba Group has embarked on over 30 smart community demonstration projects. Could you elaborate on some of these projects, especially those in Singapore or the region?
Among its cumulative 35 smart community projects, Toshiba currently does not have examples of "Smart Community" track here in Singapore but below are some projects that we have embarked in Southeast Asia. Toshiba especially contributed to EMS (energy management system) in the region. 


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