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Is a smart community the answer to sustainability?

Nurdianah Md Nur | Oct. 28, 2013
To address the growing trends and environmental concerns, Toshiba is working with its clients to develop solutions that help create a self-sustainable and smart ecosystem for the future.

Fumio Otani
Fumio Otani, managing director, Toshiba Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

With the population expected to increase and as the environment continually deteriorates over time, it is important for governments and organisations to develop a smart community to ensure sustainability.

A smart community seeks to develop solutions by using information and communications technology (ICT) to create a self-sustainable and smart eco-system for the future. It also promotes the use of renewable energies, integrated management and optimised controls for infrastructure.

An advocate of smart community is Toshiba. Toshiba has embarked on 35 smart community demonstration projects that fall under two primary initiatives:

  • Total Energy Innovation, which aims to achieve sustainable societies by ensuring efficient and stable electric power. This is done through the provision of smart grids that produce optimum electricity transmission and distribution, including key energy sources such as thermo-electric, wind and solar power, and a mix of renewable and new energies. It is also achieved through the provision of building and home energy management systems (BEMS and HEMS), which conserve energy on the demand side.
  • Total Storage Innovation, which aims at solving the challenges of utilising information as big data and ensuring security. Toshiba does this by building systems and data centres based on storage devices such as its NAND-type flash memory, HDDs and SSDs, and providing solutions for various industries through its cloud infrastructure.

Through these two initiatives, the Toshiba Group aims to maintain and improve the levels of comfort and convenience of the people, while reducing the detrimental impacts on the environment. Fumio Otani, managing director, Toshiba Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, shares with us more about the company's smart community projects, and the importance of a smart community in Asia.

Why is the Smart Community initiative becoming increasingly essential in Asia today?
Asia is one of the fastest growing economic markets in the world, and a smart community is the key to maintaining this momentum for economic growth, and passing on natural resources to our children's generation. 

The growing trends and environmental concerns have challenged Toshiba to innovate and realise a smart community by providing the solutions that meet society's everyday challenges. Although the requirements and situations differ from location to location, the necessity of sustainable technology is, nevertheless, a worldwide affair, and not just strictly within Asia.

When was the Smart Community initiative first launched? How has the response for Smart Community been from organisations in Asia so far?
Toshiba's initiative dates back to October 2010, when we first set up an individual organisation focused on developing a Smart Community. So far in Asia, we see a higher demand in general infrastructure modification such as energy management and public transportation. 


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