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Intergen moves toward continuous engagement model

Sathya Mithra Ashok | July 31, 2014
Newly-appointed NZ CEO of Intergen, Simon Bright, talks about the company's move away from traditional services to Cloud-based services, its investment in Australia and the ways in which the firm has changed its sales strategy to address disparate decision-making processes and deliver on business-based outcomes in organisations.

Q: How are your partnerships likely to grow or change in the next few years?

SB: Actually we don't see a big change in the models that we have put in place. We are very clear around focus areas for next 24 months. We talked about mobility, enterprise collaboration and enterprise ECM, Web presence and online engagement, what we probably didn't cover off is business insight and big data, but those areas are our key focus areas. We have spent the last 12 months building out some good partnerships in those spaces already.

I spoke about RecordPoint and Sitecore. They are critical partners as we take those solutions forward.

The area that we see ourselves expanding our partnerships around would be cloud infrastructure.

We would look at NZ firms. And if they were options then we would take a call. But we would probably expect them to be global based businesses. Typically what we are talking about is adding onto our ability to deliver Cloud solutions, and Cloud solutions are often about scale. Those scale partners tend to come from offshore before they become NZ-based.

Q: What do you see as the strategic roadmap and challenges for the firm? As newly appointed CEO, what are your short-term and long-term goals for the organisation?

SB: Our roadmap would be cadence in delivery of Cloud solutions and keep up with the pace of our clients as they make their moves. We have put a lot of work into that over the last 18 months, but we really see that the momentum is starting to increase. Our key challenges are making sure that we have the right capability and capacity in the business.

It is also about making sure that we have got the right engagement models. We see the continuous engagement model becoming the way of the future, and that is nicely aligned with the fact that clients will consume software rather than buy software. We believe that they will consume our service on a continuous basis rather than an upfront basis.

We have to focus on making sure that the engagement models are well-aligned to that.

In the short-term my goals are around getting our go-to-market offerings well and clearly understood by the market. This would include an understanding of our Cloud and service capabilities. We are putting a lot of effort into getting those messages out, making sure those messages are well packaged, and making sure that we make an impact on those very quickly.

From a medium to long term perspective, that is a hard question because we know we work in a changing market. For us there is transitioning the business from being one of the strongest busiensses in NZ to being one of the strongest providers around continuous services and making sure that we are engaged with clients on that basis.

That is a very easy thing to say but it is a big transition for any IT services company. The language that you will see from us over the next 12 months will be quite different.


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