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HP talks cloud delivery options, the importance of OpenStack, how it competes on price

John Dix, Brandon Butler | Nov. 26, 2014
An in-depth conversation with Bill Hilf, Senior Vice President of Product and Service Management for HP Cloud, about where Helion fits in, cloud consumption models and coming change.

The other pattern I hear, and this is the riskier one, is where the CIO says any new app inside my enterprise will be built to platform-as-a-service and can have zero knowledge of an operating system underneath it. What they're trying to do is say, let's start building in the new cloud-native model so we don't have to worry about migrations and lift and shift and all of that.

But then there's another question, and that is, which platform-as-a-service? At some point you're binding to something, you're making some commitment to some API somewhere. It may not be at the operating system level anymore. It may be higher up the stack in the middleware.

Then frequently we see customers say, we won't move our existing resources to a cloud model. We'll build the next project or the next deployment in a true cloud model. We'll build that as a stand-alone system and then try to bridge back, usually through management tools, to the old. That is very common as well.


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