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How to use cloud storage as primary storage

Barry Phillips, Chief Marketing Officer, Panzura | April 11, 2016
It takes a combination of caching, global deduplication, security, and global file locking.

This is where global file locking comes in.  When the file lock is transferred from New York to California, it is as though the authoritative copy of the file is stored in California (even though the authoritative copy is still in New York) so the latency is LAN latency instead of WAN latency, and drops from 86ms to 0.56ms. The time to open the file drops significantly: 16,000 * 0.56ms for a grand total of 8 seconds.

Of course, not every application has the level of chattiness of AutoCAD, but any application that was developed for a high-speed, low latency local area network will have some sort of chattiness that will often cause more performance issues than the transfer of the file data itself. 

Organizations can take advantage of all the benefits of cloud storage for all their files, not just the files they are not using.  When this happens, organizations begin to rethink storage in general.  Since there is so much durability and redundancy in the cloud itself, customers have to get their head around the fact that systems and processes used for back-up, DR, and archiving are really not required anymore.  Those functions become a natural byproduct of using the cloud for primary storage once you solve for the speed of light.  


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