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How to back up iPhone or iPad

Martyn Casserly | May 8, 2016
Here's how to back up your iPhone or iPad. Keep data (including Health and Activity data) safe by backing it up to iCloud or your Mac or PC - then you can restore it easily if disaster strikes

How to back up an iPhone or iPad: Using third-party backup services

There's a sage piece of advice in security circles that states, "If something is only backed up once, it isn't backed up at all." Creating multiple copies of data is the only way to really guarantee that it won't get lost in the case of an accident.

Signing up for free accounts with Dropbox, Flicker, Google Drive, OneDrive, or one of the many other options around gives you an easy way to keep your photos and documents safe without too much effort. Pretty much all of them offer automatic syncing, and it won't interfere with iCloud.

So download one or a few of the apps, follow the instructions, and you'll have another safety net running in the background. One word of warning, though. Be sure to check the settings for each app, and slide the Use Cellular Data option to off; otherwise you might get a nasty surprise when your next bill arrives.

Source: Macworld 


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