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How the cloud improves security for everyone

Michael Santarcangelo | Aug. 24, 2015
Reflecting on the insights and discussions of the Leading Security Change series reveals a clear benefit of moving to the cloud that improves security for everyone.

Translating technical experience and jargon into functional understanding creates better solutions.

  • Vendors embrace specialization and cooperation with each other to the benefit of their clients.

  • New techniques and methods developed in the cloud get incorporated into existing (non-cloud) solutions.

  • Hailed for the ability to disrupt and improve business, the cloud benefits security, too. 

    It is time for security leaders to embrace cloud solutions

    Whether resistance is futile or not, cloud-based solutions are driving security change. While the method is different, this is the change we wanted. 

    It’s the change we need. We're just getting started.  

    The purpose of Leading Security Change is to reframe and introduce the topic as a solution. The research and discussions around cloud give me more to share. 

    Share your experiences and insights. Ask me your questions. I’ll work to get answers and amplify the good™ that we might all lead security change.

    Next time I ask a group of security leaders if they trust the cloud, I’d like to see more nodding heads and hands in the air.

    Better is when some explain how it helped them improve security. Is that you?


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