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How big is cloud's impact? Depends on who's asking

Brandon Butler | April 29, 2013
Is cloud computing really catching on in the enterprise? Well, that depends on who you talk to, recent surveys have found.

Both the Virtustream/Neovise and RightScale surveys found that as people use the cloud more, they get more comfortable with it and expand their usage. The users are the believers, the non-users are the skeptics, Crandell says. A whopping 77% of respondents to the RightScale survey said they use more than one cloud, be it a hybrid model that would include both a public cloud and an internal private cloud, or multiple public clouds. Paul Burns, the Neovise analyst who conducted the survey for Virtustream, reported similar results, with 74% of respondents using multiple clouds. "The benefits of cloud computing grow with increased usage," Crandell says. "It seems to make sense: the more you use it, the better you get with it."

As another example, in last year's RightScale survey, 33% of respondents noted that security was their top concern with using the cloud; this year, that dropped almost in half to 18% listing security as their top concern. Crandell says that points to an increased focus public cloud providers have put on security, such as leading providers like Amazon Web Services and Terremark, which is owned by Verizon, being certified for use by the federal government and by healthcare privacy standards.

So will cloud be ubiquitous? Staten, the Forrester researcher, says we'll never get to the point where every developer is using the cloud. Some don't have the skills or the motivation or their jobs just will not require it. "But we do expect to get to the point where nearly every company is using cloud platforms to some degree," Staten says. "The economic and agile benefits are just too compelling."


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