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Google making steady progress in the enterprise

John Dix | June 25, 2013
President of Google Enterprise says 58% of Fortune 500 are using some Google tools already, and new cloud products are encouraging conversion.

Do you use Hangouts internally? 
Yes. In fact, we unplugged all our legacy videoconferencing systems, all the Tandberg and Polycom rooms. They were quite expensive. Our goal with Hangouts is to deliver high quality at a much lower price.

I haven't used it. Is it comparable to Skype?
I hope it's a lot better than Skype. Skype is one-to-one and this is one-to-many. For businesses the limit is 15 people per videoconference on any device and any browser, and it is very high quality, including high definition video.

Is hi-def the default?
It steps down, depending on the quality of your connection. So if you don't have a high quality connection it will eventually go to picture only, then voice only. 

So no video in your company other than Hangouts at this point?

Will you ultimately scale up Hangouts?
Yes. It's part of our Google+ family of products. The next generation Hangouts product just came out so you now have it everywhere; every Android phone has Hangouts. You can obviously get it on the Web on any device. And so our hope is videoconferencing is that next killer app, so with very low friction you can connect with people anywhere.

You folks put up some astounding numbers for Google+, but some of the anecdotal evidence would suggest it's not working quite as well as the numbers would suggest.
The numbers don't lie. We have 190 million active users. These are real numbers for 30-day actives, the standard metric everyone in the industry uses. So that's the number of active users in a 30-day period, making Google+ the second most active social environment in the world.

I find it a little odd because I don't see that much activity in, for example, the Network World Google+ account. Hey, sometimes I can't even remember how to log into Google+.
Use your Gmail credentials.

I can, but why do you make it so hard? When I'm in Chrome and open a new tab, there are icons for Gmail, YouTube, etc., why not add Google+ there? Is there even a Web destination I could use?
It's called, but if you're logged into Gmail or Chrome it is right there in the black menu bar which says + John. That will take you there directly.

Frankly, I don't find your various user interfaces to be very intuitive. 
One of the things Larry is really focused on is trying to make Google+ the fabric underneath all of our services, so there's one sign in and you're in. There used to be separate sign-ins for all the different properties. So over the last few years we've consolidated all of that to a single sign-in which connects all our products together. 


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