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Global winners and losers post-Snowden

Jay Cline | Sept. 5, 2013
EU privacy hawks and U.S. cloud providers have seen their near-term outlooks swing following the former NSA contractor's disclosures.

Cracks were already showing pre-Snowden, however, with the Obama effect wearing off and U.S. approval ratings falling toward 40% as of May 2013. Neither Gallup nor the BBC has released a global poll post-Snowden, but the anecdotal evidence is everywhere to see. The Nobel laureate in the White House hasn't decreased the war-making or surveillance of his unpopular predecessor, but maintained or increased both. The one who would rescue America from unilateralism is appearing outside America not up to the task, and this will affect the government's political capital on all issues going forward.

As Snowden continues to drip information and Europe retrenches over the next three months, the ball will be in Washington's court. If it's business as usual, data, dollars and power will flow from San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Washington to Paris, Berlin, Dublin and wherever that Swiss data host is located.


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