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Gartner: Cloud management tools are lagging

Brandon Butler | June 3, 2015
Using the cloud is one thing, managing it is another.

For a customer like this there are options. AWS has a variety of tools including CloudTrail, which creates a free log of each and every API call into an AWS account but that can be a massive and complex document. AWS CloudWatch is a paid service that has a more streamlined view of which services are used and allows alerts to be triggered with certain usage of spending thresholds are met or exceeded. AWS also has a feature named tagging which allows any resource used in the public cloud to have an identifier marked with it indicating which user requested the service and for what purpose, allowing for easier categorization of cloud usage. AWS's Trusted Advisor is another paid service that helps organizations optimize their AWS spend.

CSBs like Cloudability, Cloud Cruiser or Cloud Checkr offer services that would help that customer track its AWS usage and optimize it.

Other Gartner clients have had trouble managing the resources used in the public cloud. These examples highlight the fact that there is a fundamental gap between the maturity of the cloud services and the management tools that exist to help users deploy them. Cloud vendors do not necessarily have an incentive to allow customers to manage competitors' clouds. And the lack of standards across the cloud management industry makes the job of cloud service brokers difficult for managing resources across multiple clouds. Cancila says it's imperative that users have a targeted vision of what functionality they need most and find the best tools on the market to satisfy that use case.


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