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Flamingo launches Personal Cloud on the Respect Network

Brian Karlovsky | July 10, 2014
Aussie start up, Flamingo Ventures, has become a foundation partner of the what is being billed as the world's first global network for trusted private data sharing.

But it can also include secure information useful for forms like your credit card numbers, passport number, health card number.

Even more detailed profile data to encapsulate the person's experience preferences: that they like to communicate by SMS, that they prefer organic food, that they prefer German cars.

Then there is App generated data: the person's search terms on Google, the tracks of the person's movements from GPS tracking on their phone, the posts that the person has liked on Facebook.

The Respect Network has an extensive set of standards to ensure that the person's data is secure, protected, portable and they control who can access it.

Businesses can request access to read or write specific categories of data and this will not be granted without the person's permission. But in order for the Respect Network data to be interoperable between services there has to be a standard method of defining the semantic meaning of the data.

This is achieved through Respect Network clouds adhering to metadata standards like XDI ( ).

Respect Network chief executive Drummond Reed, said it gave users ownership of their data.

"It puts control back in the hands of individuals and not only gives them the choice of how their information is used but compensates them for their value," he said.

"No longer are people unwittingly the product."

The network, launched in London on June 23, is a collaboration between more than 70 founding partners worldwide, some of which are in Australia.

Other partners across Australia and New Zealand include Crypto Photo, Edentiti, Geddup, MyInfoSafe (NZ), Onexus, Present Group, Secure Value Exchange, WelcomerID, 4th Party, and 1id.

Flamingo will be a business user of the Respect Network and will be a source of, and a user of, personal cloud data.

At the start of a Flamingo session, the customer who has been invited into the Co-creation Lab will be given the option of connecting to their Personal Cloud.

If they do so, they will be authenticated against their Personal Cloud account.

If they don't have a Personal Cloud, Flamingo can proceed without needing to access any cloud details or can assist with the set up of a Personal Cloud for the customer. Flamingo will read or write data from the customer's Personal Cloud. This will includes standard data for practical purposes such as quickly filling a user's postal address fields and also more secure information such as bank account details.

Also, customer experience preference data or information that may have been provided by other systems — across communications, product, processes, interaction channels, people and price.

It will include customer experience preference data and information that was saved from a previous Flamingo session.


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