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Customer focus, innovative structure prep EMC for success

Rob Enderle | May 12, 2014
Most tech companies, not surprisingly, focus on engineering. This fosters innovation, yes, but not all of it's necessary. Witness all the firms trying to become cloud service providers. EMC, however, has always put customers first. That approach will help the firm emerge largely unscathed from a changing market.

EMC Won't Violate VCE Contracts, Either
I've saved the second question until now because it's simpler: There won't be a Lenovo Vblock because it would violate the agreement that founded VCE. Contractually, the converged infrastructure firm can't do it - and with its customer focus, breaking this contract isn't an option.

This points to the magic of EMC. The firm surrounds itself with a variety of unique and creative constructs - including VCE and Pivotal, along with its federated partners, RSA and VMware - and it's aggressive in measuring executives with the Net Promoter score to ensure a unique customer focus. I continue to believe that this customer focus makes EMC and its federated partners unique, and it gets to the core of both what kind of decisions it's likely to make and why its customer loyalty scores stay so high. (VMware alone topped Temkin Group's tech vendor NPS benchmarks for 2013.)

The unique structures surrounding EMC are part of the magic and may allow the firm to avoid the outcome of the major industry change we're going through. Typically the firms that dominate prior to a change aren't there when the change is complete. The combination of EMC's customer focus and its unique structure may be its strongest defense against this outcome. This makes the firm fascinating to watch.


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