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CloudConvert easily converts hundreds of file types on your iPhone and iPad

Jason Cipriani | Jan. 30, 2015
Usually, when you have a video file on your iPad or iPhone, the file can play on that device--why else would it be there? But occasionally you'll run into a need to convert a video file, like I did recently, and when that happens CloudConvert gets it done right on the same device, no computer necessary. CloudConvert can handle more than just video files, but that's where my story begins.

Huge capabilities, minor limitations

CloudConvert itself is capable of much more than converting video files. Its website claims the service supports 205 file types ranging from PDF to DOC, DMG, ISO, and ZIP, plus an even longer list of audio and video formats. Additionally you can merge or archive files directly in the app.

A free CloudConvert account does come with some limitations, of course. You're limited to either 10 or 25 conversion minutes per day — each file takes a varying amount of time to convert, with the minimum amount being one minute. For reference, the 3MB FLV file I uploaded only used one minute of my allotted time for the day.

Unless I start downloading large documents, I don't see myself ever having to pay out of pocket for CloudConvert's service (plans start at $10 for 500 minutes).

Converting files without needing to transfer the file to my Mac and then back again has made me more aware than ever of the power of iOS — and the file limitations. I had no idea something like this was even possible on any of my iDevices. The ability to convert files is something I've long put in the column of reasons why I can't fully quit my MacBook, yet here I am switching it to the win column for iPad-only computing.

This discovery, nearly eight months after the app launched, leaves me wondering what other apps and services I'm yet to discover. Got any suggestions?


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