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Cloud won't replace traditional IT any time soon - HP

Sathya Mithra Ashok | Oct. 25, 2013
Steve Dietch, VP, worldwide cloud, enterprise group at HP, says that traditional environments will be part of enterprise IT for a long time

Q: What apps would you advice companies to hold in their traditional environments and which ones should they shift to other delivery models?
SD: It is an involved conversation. We have a framework that we use with customers, and it starts with what they are trying to accomplish, and how IT [and the business are aligned].

Second is looking at what constraints or considerations they need to look at in their business. So are they in a highly regulated environment, like BFSI and healthcare? Or are they in a low regulated environment, like high tech or manufacturing? That is a big consideration as it relates to what can and can't move.

You also look at the complexity of their data, and their tools and infrastructure. Can you break it apart? Can you move things? Are you breaking processes? And if you move something out to the cloud can you take it back?

Then there is the size of the business, legacy assets, the skills and maturity of the internal organisation to actually move existing stuff off or not. All these have to factor in. The thing you couple it with is: Are you looking at existing workloads or new ones?

You factor that all into the conversation in a very structured way and you get your answer of what you want to move.

The conversation is very different if I am talking to the CIO of a bank on Wall Street than when I am talking to a Proctor & Gamble. The conversation is very different.

Q: When is your transformation of go-to-market elements likely to happen?
SD: It is starting now. We are on a journey ourselves. We are a large, complex, Fortune 10 company, and anything you do takes time with methodical thinking. It is not a discrete set of actions. We are constantly looking at efficiencies and improvements in our go to market. We are not going to stop. This is just one of many endeavours that we have in play.

You will see streamlining of the pursuit processes, to reduce overlap and redundancies. That does not mean elimination of roles. I will tell you 100 per cent that it has nothing to do with the elimination of roles. That has clarity of roles, of what people are doing. Because if you look at any company, there are essentially different roles and responsibilities in the go-to-market pursuit processes; everything from managing the account which is a more generic, generalised sales function, to more specialisation. How does that work in concert and harmony, so you don't have a fragmentation in front of the customer? I can tell you that we have a laser focus on addressing that right now.


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