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Cloud won't replace traditional IT any time soon - HP

Sathya Mithra Ashok | Oct. 25, 2013
Steve Dietch, VP, worldwide cloud, enterprise group at HP, says that traditional environments will be part of enterprise IT for a long time

Q: This new style of IT — how will it 'transform' IT and will it be different for enterprises and SMBs?
SD: In many cases, the objectives are the same, depending on the segments you are looking at — whether it's driving agility, flexibility or driving new business opportunities. You want to get to market faster to deliver to customers, or, if you are a public sector entity, to your constituencies. Or you want to lower cost. Generally everybody has the same broad sense of objectives. Hopefully people will remain focused in picking the right ones.

Whatever they are doing on this journey to the new style of IT, the operative word is journey. Nothing happens overnight, as much as we would like it otherwise. If you look at the cloud, this is going to be a journey over several years — five to 10 years — where people are all ultimately going to move to the same destination but they may do it in a different way, they may take a different path.

Q: What is the destination?
SD: The destination is hybrid delivery. From HP's point of view, every company mid-size and up will move to a hybrid delivery strategy.

Q: How far along are companies on this journey?
SD: We are very, very early. There are a lot of customers that have started to kick the tyres with hybrid. We are probably in chapter one of the book now; we are just starting. There are a lot of CIOs and IT organisations that are still formulating strategies of how they move to a hybrid environment. That is the foundational element to better utilise big data, better utilise apps and more cloud services, better able to deliver to the mobile workforce. It is all intertwined, but I would say the next 10 years will be unbelievable — unbelievable in terms of the transformation you will see in IT.

KW: I think Steve's right. NZ is in chapter one. These are early days. What a lot of people have done is taken their traditional infrastructure and virtualized it. But not many have put what we would call the cloud OS and automation tools on top of the virtualization to get true cloud. We have made available NZ cloud services to our clients and to our channel partners as a service they can use via a portal. And we have given them a number of different options and ways that they can use that.

We are rolling out phase one of NZ cloud services. We have got an anchor, a major client, as part of that. That's gone reasonably well. We are still in the implementation phase.


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