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Cloud won't replace traditional IT any time soon - HP

Sathya Mithra Ashok | Oct. 25, 2013
Steve Dietch, VP, worldwide cloud, enterprise group at HP, says that traditional environments will be part of enterprise IT for a long time

Close on the heels of HP CEO Meg Whitman's financial update earlier this month, Steve Dietch, VP, worldwide cloud, enterprise group at HP, who was on a whirlwind trip of the ANZ region, and Keith Watson, MD of HP NZ, spoke to Computerworld NZ on the company's role in the delivery of the 'new style of IT' and the transformation of its go-to-market strategy.

Q: What are the reasons for your current visit to New Zealand?
Steve Dietch (SD): I am visiting both New Zealand and Australia. I have two roles at HP. One is as the VP of worldwide cloud and the second one is focusing on the transformation of our go-to-market for cloud. I have come down to meet customers here; we had a successful CIO event yesterday. And to meet with the local teams. I do that very often.

This is my first trip to New Zealand in several years. I visit Australia couple of times a year. I am on the road globally most often.

New Zealand is a forward-thinking country. Customers are thinking about the new style of IT and the next-generation moves, so I want to be down here. We want to understand what our customers are saying and doing, and share with them my global insights. I would like to know what they are doing as well. We can learn from that.

Keith Watson (KW): Steve has been our keynote speaker at our executive forums where we get a group of CIOs and COOs together, typically on a six-monthly basis. We have different keynote speakers and they fly down for these events.

Q: Can you speak a bit more about the transformation of HP's go-to-market for the cloud?
SD: I can't share any details right now. As you have heard from Meg Whitman, we are in a five-year transformation right now. We have just completed year two. We had our analyst meeting last week where we announced a whole bunch of progress that we are making and our guidance for next year. We are going through a set of transformations as an organisation and broad corporation. And one [part of that] is how do we engage customers in a more efficient way to help them in their journey to the new style of IT. That's not just cloud, that's big data, that's mobility, that's security.

I happen to be focused on the cloud and what I am working on is a complete transformation of how we engage our customers in an efficient and unified way from a HP perspective.

Whatever they are doing on this journey to the new style of IT, the operative word is journey. Nothing happens overnight.


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