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Cloud security is good, but here’s how to make it better

Asaf Cidon, CEO, Sookasa | Feb. 29, 2016
Three simple ways to get more out of default cloud security infrastructure.

* Deploy a cloud access security broker (CASB). Currently, only 5% of businesses use a CASB, but reports have predicted that usage will skyrocket to 85% by 2020. A CASB provides a unified security solution that lets team administrators detect data loss risks, deploy protections, and enforce security protocols all in one place. A CASB will also let employees continue using the cloud providers they’re already used to, but will grant administrators the necessary outlet for monitoring how files are being shared.

A CASB doesn't let data slip through the cracks, and it establishes strong visibility—a must for knowing exactly where sensitive content is being stored and with whom it's being shared. As data continues proliferating throughout the cloud, more and more businesses will start using CASBs to keep up with the information and more effectively guarantee its protection.

* Separate the encryption content from the keys. When the encryption keys are kept separately from the content, a hacker won’t be able to access the content if he doesn’t have the keys. Deploy a solution that ensures this separation, allowing your IT department to good security hygiene. This way, even if your cloud provider is compromised, your data is less likely to be breached.

The cloud is quickly becoming a necessity for businesses to keep up with today’s workflow. But simply deploying cloud solutions is not enough. Businesses have to do their research and find the right enhancements that will adequately bolster their default security protocols. File-level encryption, CASBs, and content-key separation are a great place to start to ensure that your most sensitive files stay secure.


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