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Clearing the air on cloud security: F5 Networks

Zafirah Salim | June 10, 2015
According to a report by F5 Networks and Frost and Sullivan, 91 percent of enterprises in Asia Pacific (APAC) are either already using cloud services, or in the midst of planning or implementing cloud.

On the other hand, the Silverline Web Application Firewall service provides quick web application firewall (WAF) implementation and policy enforcement capabilities across cloud and data centre environments.

The latest addition to the F5 Silverline cloud-based application services platform, the new WAF offering is built on the company's BIG-IP Application Security Manager product. It lets organisations confidently incorporate cloud resources while protecting apps and data from increasingly sophisticated security attacks, risks, and vulnerabilities. Silverline WAF also decreases operational expenses by outsourcing WAF policy management and compliance functions to F5's specialised SOC resources.

"With web application security needs outpacing the number of qualified WAF experts in the industry, many organisations find themselves insufficiently protected. Silverline solutions expand F5's fabric-based Synthesis framework to include cloud-delivered services - giving customers the benefit of F5 experts proactively looking after web application protection," said Seo.

"This approach effectively outsources the tedium of application security policy creation and maintenance for the customer, with F5's SOC experts available round-the-clock to build, configure, and fine-tune security policies, providing internal personnel the opportunity to focus on other security and business requirements," he added.  

Delving deeper in the topic of security, Eames threw out a fair warning to CIOs: "Never be complacent because the organisation is never secure. If you start on that premise, you are in a better place than assuming that you've got everything tied down."

The second thing that CIOs have to do to ensure security is to look closely at the company's network and applications; its people, and the devices that they are using. Prioritise them and decide what is critical, and then align it to your own IT strategy, he advised.

"To add to Julian's point, it's always a balance between the amount of spend and how secure your network and your applications are. It's a matter of looking at that see-saw and trying to come up with something reasonable and balanced," Seo chimed in. 

Looking ahead
"The Silverline services you see today is just a start. We have five today, and we are looking to roll out a new service every four to six months," said Eames. "We will also look at providing services the way from F5 product as well if that is what meets the cloud and security needs."

With regards to business developments, Eames shared that besides US and Asia, F5 Networks have also garnered a strong presence in the Middle East.

With a SOC established in Tel Aviv, Eames said that the unstable political situation there has caused him to lose his stock engineers to the Israeli army each time they are under attack.

"This a big problem for me. In three months, I would have lost half my team who has gone back to the Israeli army. This is a sad, but true story," he lamented with a chuckle.


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