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CEO of Spark Digital talks company rebrand

Sathya Mithra Ashok | Aug. 12, 2014
"August 8th wasn't the start of the journey; the journey started some time ago," says Tim Miles, CEO of Spark Digital.

These will not be broader investments but harder into the areas that we have already identified.

Q: What would be the final cost tally by the time you reach the three-year target?
TM: I couldn't tell you the cost since it is market sensitive. But it is very substantial number. When the results come out, there will be some talk around the turnaround programme that the whole company has been on as a group. And you will see it is substantial.

The other part is there is no end. We set ourselves a three-year target, which we thought was aggressive. I think we have the opportunity to complete it in two years and we are a fairway towards that already.

That's good, but you are never at the end.

I am sure, even when we complete our three-year target, that our people will come up with additional things that we could do to improve our business. It is about who has got great ideas for changing and transforming the business and are we prepared to back those ideas and people.

I am confident even if we hit our original target at the end of this year, then there will be another target for the next year and then another. It is an ongoing thing. In a digital world things are moving so quickly we always have to be changing and adjusting.

If we get to a static place, then that is a very dangerous thing. Change is a constant in the world that we are in. We will keep asking how we can be more efficient; it will be ongoing process.

Q: What shape will global ambitions take for Spark Digital?
TM: At Spark Digital we have got many customers that do business trans-Tasman and beyond. In the past, we set up our own business in Australia to deliver over there. We largely resold AAPT services, which were largely fixed voice and data. That is the sort of services that customers were looking to us for.

But now they look for lot more than that. They look for voice and data, but also mobility solutions and Cloud, and they want these delivered in NZ, Australia and further afield. They want consistency in the delivery as well.

We then decided that instead of doing it on our own, the best way would be to serve them through a partner. Our partnership with Telstra says that we have a set of capabilities to deliver to NZ clients, and we can deliver those same set of services in Australia through Telstra.

The message is rather than us go and set up our businesses around the world we are going to concentrate Spark Digital resources in NZ and partner with leaders in other markets to deliver a consistent set of services for NZ businesses around the world. Telstra relationship is a good example of that.


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