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CEO of Spark Digital talks company rebrand

Sathya Mithra Ashok | Aug. 12, 2014
"August 8th wasn't the start of the journey; the journey started some time ago," says Tim Miles, CEO of Spark Digital.

The second thing that we decided to take a stand on is helping our customers take advantage of a digital world. All of our clients, in their own ways, were wrestling with how to take advantage of the digital world. For some of them that means using digital technologies to more quickly innovate, be flexible and get to market quickly. For some that might mean they do things more cost effectively. For others digital is an opportunity to engage with customer groups that only really deal in that world.

If you are the government you are thinking about how you deliver services digitally to citizens. If you are in healthcare you are thinking about how you take healthcare out of expensive places such as hospitals and medical centres, and how do you move healthcare into the community, or into patients' homes, because it is a more efficient place to provide care.

Every organisation we speak to -- whether public or private -- is wrestling with how to take advantage of digital. It just means different things to different people. So we decided that we were going to stand for providing the best of digital platforms for NZ businesses and NZers, for them to conduct business with each other, and to communicate around the world.

Over the past 18 months, we have set out to do exactly that. And we have invested around $1.25 billion, which would be pretty close to all of the rest of the industry combined, in laying the best digital platforms.

We built the most extensive optical transport network across NZ, which is the high speed data backbone needed to support a digital economy. We have rolled out more fibre. We have invested more than $150 million in the 700MHz mobile spectrum, because mobility is a very important part of the digital world. We have invested in more than 1000 Wi-Fi hotspots for the same reason.

We acquired Revera for $96 million, which is NZ's leading cloud platform and more recently we acquired acquire Appserv, which is the leading Cloud platform for SMEs. We see Cloud as a very important part of the digital world.

We have invested or committed nearly $200 million to greenfield datacentres in Auckland, two in Wellington, one in Christchurch and an upgraded one in Dunedin. That is because datacentres are a big part of that digital world.

You can see -- and I have given you only a few of the highlights -- that we have already invested in alot of building infrastructure that is required.

Internally we have made a huge number of changes, both within the group and within Spark Digital. We have radically changed a whole lot of processes in our business, looked to speed things up.


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