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Building trust between cloud providers and consumers

Seth Payne, senior product manager at Skytap | March 4, 2013
Enterprises that have, or are considering, the move to cloud computing should understand that they are not simply purchasing a specific product or service. Rather, they are entering into a partnership with their cloud provider.

Clear lines of communication should be in place so that when issues arise, both client and vendor can work together to find resolution.

Clients also have a role to play in building and maintaining a cooperative partnership by clearly communicating their planned use of cloud services. A realistic and accurate plan allows a vendor to provide the best possible performance and user experience as well as mold their offering to meet both present and future client needs. Cloud vendors are, after all, experts in the field and can often help clients take advantage of resources optimized for their specific use case.

IT will continue its march toward cloud computing. Clients and vendors alike can best adjust to this new paradigm by viewing each other as partners and working together to design and deploy solutions to increasingly complex technology problems.

Clients who understand these fundamentals will be better poised to choose the right cloud provider by asking the right questions and expressing their needs. And cloud providers who commit to transparency and ongoing communication will be in a position to offer a superior cloud experience that maximizes the potential for client success.

Skytap is a provider of self-service cloud automation solutions for dynamic workloads. Skytap Cloud gives businesses a fast, easy, and secure way to create complex computing environments in the cloud.


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