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BT processes data for Genome Institute of Singapore

Anuradha Shukla | March 5, 2015
BT for Life Sciences Cloud Compute accelerates genetic analysis.

BT for Life Sciences Cloud Compute has accelerated genetic analysis for Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS).

The institute is focused on revolutionising global healthcare and BT's solution is helping them reach its goal.

Prior to BT, the institute was struggling with vast volumes of information that outstripped available computing resources.

Collaboration between the BT Life Sciences specialist team, GIS and BT Advise Compute resulted in the right BT Cloud Compute architecture to manage the institution's research requirements.

"The real challenge for GIS is no longer the analysis itself, but the vast amount of data produced during analysis that needs to be managed and stored. And this is where the cloud computing resources that BT provides really help us advance the science," said Niranjan Nagarajan, associate director, Computational and Systems Biology Genome Institute of Singapore.

Power of cloud

GIS decided to use the power of the cloud instead of on-premises infrastructure.

Virtual machines effectively scaled computing capacity to address fluctuating data throughput in real time.

Because BT has a strong presence in Asia, the institute was able to talk directly to BT experts.

The BT for Life Sciences Cloud Compute solution provides users with a massive research capacity increase that promises to revolutionise healthcare.

"The team has had a fantastic experience working with BT, and this lays the foundation for strong future collaboration between BT and GIS," added Nagarajan.

The institute is presently experimenting with putting GIS genome analytic pipelines on the BT Cloud. Once new analytic tools are developed, they will be offered to use by researchers across the world.


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