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Boeing 787s to create half a terabyte of data per flight, says Virgin Atlantic

Matthew Finnegan | March 8, 2013
Internet of things will create a wide range of opportunities and challenges for airline.

"The challenge is what do you do with that amount of data when you are getting terabytes of data a day off your various airplanes? We are getting to the stage right now where we cannot deal with that much."

He added: "If you are talking that level of data you can't just chuck ten disks into your data centre anymore, you have to look at cloud based solutions and how you can store data."

Bulman said that Virgin Atlantic is in the process of setting up private clouds for certain aspects of its business, and is discussing public cloud use for less sensitive data.

"We are doing some private cloud setups at the moment. We are in conversations with some public dealers, particularly for data storage and data analytics, to deal with some of these massive data sets."

He added: "I cannot create the extra storage that we need off of my own back, given the increased amount of data that we are having to store, so we are having to work with other suppliers to find out how we can get more flexible data storage into our infrastructure."

Making sense of the big data generated by the internet of things is an ongoing project, with Bulman explaining that the airline is currently looking at a number of software vendors, having had limited success with a Hadoop test in the past.

"We did a Hadoop trial last year, it didn't go very far because we weren't getting the intelligence out of it that we thought we would. So we are looking at some other initiatives with different vendors this year.

"We tried to put three different data sets together, and then tried to see if we could find some causality between the data sets that would gives us intelligence that would allow us to manage our operations better, and the trial itself didn't find the causality between the data sets. So we didn't find the linkages we hoped we would find.

"Whether that was how we set the trial up or the software I don't know, so we are going to try some different things."

He continued: "The thing about big data right now is that it is experimental; you have to try putting different data sets together in different ways to see if you can get the intelligence out that you want. The whole point is looking at the very fixed data sets with unfixed unstructured data sets, and sometimes it doesn't work, so you try it again."

The analysis of big data generated throughout its operations will have a number of benefits. On the customer side, Bulman said that this will give Virgin Atlantic greater knowledge of what its customers want, both to sell to them more intelligently and to improve its services.


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