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Bimodal is a cop-out

Peter Bendor-Samuel | Nov. 13, 2015
Instead, apply cloud methodologies to legacy IT.

As we at Everest Group work with businesses applying DevOps principles to their legacy environment, we consistently see a 50 percent improvement in productivity. I’m not arguing that you shouldn’t move work out of your legacy world into cloud. However, not everything will move out of legacy quickly. Clearly, businesses can apply the same set of philosophies, principles and automation techniques of the cloud world (albeit with more investment and more effort) to the larger, legacy world. I believe a business would be equally foolish to not implement these principles in its legacy world as the business would be if it didn’t take advantage of them in the cloud world. 

Hence, I say Gartner has it wrong. It is not a bimodal world. It’s first a cloud-leap world and then apply the methodologies and automation strategy to the legacy world. It’s not a question of either/or, nor is it necessary to be slow while also being fast. It’s a question of applying the same concepts in both cloud and legacy environments. 

Can you achieve the improvements to the same extent in legacy? No. Will you achieve the same kind of elasticity and speed in legacy? No. But you can dramatically improve your IT performance. Certainly you will achieve more speed and lower cost in cloud, but you will get substantial improvements in speed and cost even in legacy. 

There’s another benefit of taking this approach instead of the cop-out bimodal thinking: you will be able to restructure your IT organization around the business users’ demand for speed.


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