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Apple's 5 GB of free iCloud space isn't nearly enough

Craig Grannell | Nov. 8, 2013
When you've splashed out on yet another iOS device, you should at least be able to back it up without paying Apple more money.

You might argue that I should just hold my nose and give in. But having just spent a ton of money on yet another Apple device, iCloud charges intended for back-ups feel like being gouged for every last penny, rather than being immersed in a 'magical' experience and ecosystem. Friends have remarked they didn't even think that far they just saw the back-up error message and cancelled the entire thing. With Apple increasingly shifting people towards iCloud for storage, and suggesting that it'd be really great if everyone bought as many devices as they could conceivably fit in their house, 5 GB doesn't these days seem so much miserly as insulting.

At the very least, Apple should rethink and increase your iCloud storage for each active device on your Apple ID, thereby giving you a fighting chance of backing them all up. Really, though, back-ups should just work. You shouldn't have to think about or edit them, and nor should you have to pay money to get them working. In advertising the iPhone 5s, Apple uses the catchphrase "forward thinking"; it should apply the same reasoning to keeping everyone's data safe rather than merely thinking about giving a relatively tiny bump to its bottom line.

Apple's email, to be read in your best mafia-goon voice.


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