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Agents of Change: Cisco

Jack Loo | Jan. 28, 2013
Singapore’s IDA unveiled its Infocomm Technology Roadmap outlining nine technology trends that will shape the future. We asked various enterprise IT heavyweights for their perspectives on the Roadmap, and next up, we have networking specialist Cisco.

These offerings also extend data centre and security professionals' power to enforce end-to-end security for high-capacity data centres and mobile workforces. Cisco provides an architectural approach to address the challenges of cyber security with a range of security solutions. Cisco SecureX Architecture uniquely addresses both these aspects of customers with a holistic security framework for enterprises.

Security in the cloud, previously viewed as a barrier to entry for use of cloud computing, has become an area of focus to prevent data loss or data breach. In 2012, security threats have been increasingly global and retaliatory destroying brand equity and customer relationships. Valuing the importance of data protection and security, Cisco has developed the Architecture of Trust based on the following concepts: trusted processes at the foundation, trusted systems in the middle and trusted services at the top.

All these when used together address not only the technology challenges but also the operational challenges. More companies will start to implement a more architectural approach and not a point solution approach to establish more secure network and processes.

We are very focused on assisting our customers in developing a comprehensive cyber security strategy. Most of them are aware of the risks and threats brought about by connectivity. To protect their data and keep networks running, customers take into consideration the following areas in creating a secure environment:

1) Integrated threat detection and defence

2) Cloud computing and data centre security

3) Identity-based network solutions

4) Highly secure remote access

As mentioned earlier, customers need a holistic approach that will address and prevent any security threats looming around or within the network.

With cyber security that is more catered to changing IT demands, organisations will be better able to address challenges such as mobility and BYOD. With intelligent, context-aware capabilities, Cisco security solutions will be able to identify not just the profile of the person accessing information, but also the type and location of the devices accessing the information. This intelligence will help ensure information is securely accessed and will help identify potential security breaches, while still providing ease of use for end users.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is rapidly transforming businesses and organisations of all sizes across all industries. Cisco has been at the forefront of this change helping customers optimise resources, simplify operations and get everything to work together by providing custom cloud solution services including:

1) Cisco Unified Data Center - a platform designed specifically to overcome the current data centre constraints and provide agile, simplified and efficient IT service delivery and cloud computing.

2) Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network - a solution which helps transform already existing infrastructure into a cloud-ready service that moves beyond a best-efforts approach to content delivery.


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