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7 ways to supercharge your personal cloud storage

JR Raphael | Feb. 23, 2016
Make the most of your virtual storage with these seven tips and tools for cloud power users.

You might also want to consider moving your Downloads folder (typically configurable within your browser's settings) and any other personal folders you routinely access into your locally synced cloud storage folder. Once you're finished, any files placed into those folders will automatically and instantly be synced with your cloud account -- and any changes you make to them from another device will instantly show up on your desktop system.

3. Bring your Android device into the equation

Why stop with the desktop? Bring your Android phone and/or tablet into the cloud storage loop by installing an app called FolderSync.

With this $3 tool, it's simple to set up folders on your mobile device that automatically stay synced with equivalent folders in your cloud storage -- so you could keep your phone-based documents, downloads, or even screenshots continuously synced and available to you anywhere you sign in. You can configure the app to sync from the phone to the cloud or in both directions, depending on your preferences, and you can limit the conditions in which it'll perform a sync if data or power usage is a concern.

(This sort of setup isn't really possible on iOS, incidentally -- unlike Android, Apple's mobile software doesn't allow direct access to the device's file system.)

4. Streamline your cloud storage setup

If you use more than one cloud storage service -- or use multiple accounts within a single service -- a Web-based app called Jolicloud Drive can simplify your life in spectacular ways.

Jolicloud connects to any number of cloud storage services and accounts, with support for Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, among other less common platforms. It then acts as a centralized file manager for all of your cloud drives, making it easy to view and manage all of your cloud-stored data in a single all-purpose spot.

The app's most useful feature is probably its drag-and-drop system for moving files from one cloud storage provider or account to another. The goal is to make it feel like all of your cloud storage is part of a single connected drive -- and Jolicloud accomplishes exactly that.

There is one catch: To get Jolicloud's full functionality -- including the aforementioned drag-and-drop file moving feature along with the ability to add multiple accounts from the same cloud service -- you'll have to pony up about $5 per month or $55 a year for a pro account. But even a basic free account can be useful (and still allow you to move files between services, albeit in a more manual menu-driven manner).

5. Turn storing stuff into an effortless act

One of the perks of cloud storage is the painlessness of capturing info from the Web and various Web-centric services -- why not take advantage of that and save yourself some serious time?


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