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5 ways to tell a cloud poser from a cloud pro

Adam Stewart, vice president of engineering, Autotask | Nov. 27, 2014
Buyer beware: There are plenty of companies vying for your business that claim to be cloud pros.

* Was your app designed for the cloud? What would you prefer a solution that was created for the purpose at hand or one that can "do the job"? A cloud application's effectiveness depends largely on its underlying architecture. Cloud posers will claim that even though their applications weren't designed for the cloud, they've been adapted to perform in the cloud and will do just fine. On the other hand, cloud pros know that if a cloud application wasn't originally designed for the cloud, it probably can't scale (in more ways than one). Time to look for another provider.

* Can I talk with a customer? Cloud posers talk a big game about their successes and how much their customers love them. But claiming to have plenty of satisfied customers is one thing. Actually having satisfied customers who'll vouch for you? That's quite another. While cloud posers will be reluctant to provide customer references, cloud pros understand the power of a third-party endorsement. Not only will a cloud pro be happy to provide customer references, chances are the customers will be more than willing to talk about their experiences.

So now it's your turn. Whom would you trust a cloud poser or a cloud pro?


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